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Irrigation in Kenya ]

Demonstrating Christ's Love

1Living our Christian faith through service to the poor and orphaned.

Exploring New Technology

Img 2Developing new agricultural and water systems to meet the needs of the world’s most vulnerable.

Building Longterm Relationships

Img 1Connecting volunteers from around the world with missionaries and developing world partners.

The Fresh Coast Foundation (FCF) is a non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through sustainable, enterprise-based humanitarian work.

We believe in a “living testimony” approach to missions where we “preach the Gospel at all times…and when necessary, use words.”  We believe that this form of life witness is an effective and non-confrontational way of sharing the love of Jesus with all people.

Our vision is to empower missionaries in their work of spreading the Gospel by helping them with developmental projects around the world.  We cultivate long-term relationships with missionaries, schools, and orphanages then provide these groups with the tools they need to grow income-generating small businesses.  These small businesses focus on unlocking the potential of alternative agricultural and water-quality technologies.

After several successful projects, we’re looking to expand into new technologies and new places. Will you help us? Click here to learn about our latest projects and how you can join us in spreading the Gospel.

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