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Our Mission

IMG_0470The Fresh Coast Foundation (FCF) is a non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through sustainable, enterprise-based humanitarian work.  The great Christian missionary and reformer, Francis of Assisi, taught his flock to “preach the Gospel at all times…and when necessary, use words.”  We believe that this “living-testimony” concept–a radically effective missionary tool which Francis copied directly from the example of Christ himself–is the single most effective way of sharing the love of Jesus.

Our goal is to empower missionaries in their work of spreading the Gospel and enhance their living-testimonies by connecting them with development projects around the world.  We cultivate long-term relationships with Christian schools and orphanages by providing these organizations with the tools, training, and support they need to launch, manage, and grow income-generating small businesses.  These small businesses focus on unlocking the potential of alternative agricultural and water-quality technologies. While many organizations implement infrastructure projects which are locally sustainable in the developing world, our goal is to go further and establish systems that are locally replicable.

Our mission is not simply to provide infrastructure in a particular location; it is to build a working example of a technology, which others in the region can look to as a model and replicate elsewhere.  One way to achieve this is by using only low-cost, locally available materials in our designs.  Another way we encourage others to replicate our technology is by making our operating and maintenance training programs open to the public wherever we work. Bettering our international partners economically is only one facet of our mission.  Indeed, if our work only provides greater economic wealth, we will have failed our partners.  As one theologian explained:

 [t]rue development cannot consist in the simple accumulation of wealth and in the greater availability of goods and services, if this is gained at the expense of the development of the masses, and without due consideration for the social, cultural and spiritual dimensions of the human being.      John Paul II, Sollicitudo Rei Socialis: On Social Concern

We seek to minister to the whole person, combining each entrepreneurial project with spiritual and educational formation for the adults and children at the schools and orphanages were we work.  Each agricultural system we design is interactive and child-friendly, allowing the adults, orphans and students to learn on these systems and build practical skills.