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In December of 2012, in partnership with Sustained Acts and Chariots for Hope, the FCF traveled to Kenya where they set up two complete aquaponics systems at orphanages; one located in Mukaa and directed by Rev. Armstrong Njeru; the other in Kangundo and directed by Joseph Kimani.

Each system is capable of producing over a ton of tilapia and over three tons of fresh produce for the homes every year.  In addition to being eaten by the children, the fish can be taken to nearby markets and sold.  The proceeds of about three fish can buy 60 kilo of beans and provide even greater quantities of protein for the children.  All of this food will help to keep the grocery bills down so that even when foreign donations are slow in coming, the orphanages can continue to be a blessing to their children and their community.

While there were four Americans [Luca Hickman and Michael Bubolz from the FCF as well as Brad Gregg and Jack Parisi from Chariots for Hope] who traveled to Kenya and performed a large portion of the work, the FCF also held to it’s mission of helping developing areas by sourcing local Kenyan materials and labor to fashion these two systems.

The FCF is currently holding frequent Skype conversations with the directors of these homes to ascertain the health of the systems and to provide advice as to how to use the systems to the greatest advantage.

During this trip they also surveyed a couple prospective future sites and look forward to the time when they can return to Kenya!

A special thanks to Project: Community Computers [another new non-profit founded by college students in the Milwaukee area] for providing a few refurbished laptop computers to the children and staff in Mukaa and Kangundo, Kenya!